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!!!GUARANTEED WORK!!! for all SA Residents after completion of training course. Calling all VOLUNTEERS to join us today and HELP SAVE OUR RHINO!

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Training Programme

Find out more about our Training Programme and Courses we offer ... become the HUNTER of the POACHER!

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Protection Services

We offer all the necessary protection services from Anti-Poaching, General Security, Armed Reaction to Camera Surveillance, etc.

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Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit

Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit was established in 1992 and was the first private anti-poaching unit in South Africa.

Protrack was started with a dream, passion and a shoes string budget. Times were tough, money was scarce but there was no shortage of young men with the same passion to stop the slaughter of our wildlife.

If you have the will then join our team and complete a 6 week Training Program. While working and earning a basic salary there after with Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit on permanant bases.

We are always in need of young men with the same passion and dream to help prevent this cruel act... 

To Volunteer or work at Protrack you will have to be selected and complete a 6 week anti poaching course that has been set up from years of experience and professionals. Courses have a variety of different tasks and exercises that will have to be completed throughout your training experience...


Mission Statement

Denvinlee wildlife management group trading as Protrack anti-poaching unit, are in business to provide specialist rural security services to farms. It is the groups intention to be the leading company in this regard. To achieve this, the group offers competitively priced quality services.

The personnel within the group strive to give the best service of which they are capable. Customer service and satisfaction must come first, team spirit is a pre-requisite and the core of our business amongst staff and customers on the whole.

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Leigh Barkas

Safari Junction, Hoedspruit
Limpopo Province, SA

Tel: +27 (0) 15 793 2585

Fax: 086 685 7924

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