Snake Handling Courses


(Snakes, lizards, but also spiders & scorpions)

It is very important that the trainees develop their knowledge about those small animals that they will encounter in the bush, as some of them are venomous. It is with the well-known Khamai reptile park that the trainees will receive the best training.

The trainees are treated to a high energy interactive session involving the use of live animals, museum items of interest and a power point presentation.  A course welcome pack and a "Reptile Awareness and Safety Hand notes" booklet are included for each attendee.  All in all the presentation is designed to be both useful and a lot of fun ...... an experience never to be forgotten.

Duration: 5 hours


·         Identification and methods of identifying snakes.

·         Physiology.

·         Habits and habitat.

·         Safety Techniques.

·         Safety Protocol.

·         Venoms and venom apparatus.

·         Up to date first aid and safety precautions.

·         Phobias (Assessment of one’s fear levels)

·         Introduction to handling.

·         Reproduction.

·         Parasites.

·         Husbandry techniques.

·         Public relation techniques.

·         Summary.


An ISZS accredited certificate is issued to all course attendees on successful completion

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