Guaranteed Recruitment After Training for SA Residance only


All Individuals are guaranteed work after completion of

 5 week anti-poaching course and comply with the 3

point below.


  • Original SA ID Book
  • Proof of SA Residence
  • No Criminal Record


You should be aware by now that every candidate that applies to work in the field for Protrack anti-Poaching Unit and earns a salary must complete the 5 week anti-poaching course. Each and every individual working for Protrack Since 1992 have all completed the anti-poaching training and finished a year in the bush, this includes Section leaders, Instructors and all management staff.


You should also take note of our mission statement as we are extremely driven in ensuring that all students that have completed a 1 year contract have an opportunity to grow in the company or perhaps find better positions in the country. This obviously depends on you work ethic and behavior within the company its self.


How do we ensure growth


Protrack Anti-poaching unit provides the highest quality of training available at this current time for the Private sector and therefore creates a sturdy foundation for our employees before they are deployed in the field. (Certificates Gained after 5 weeks, Anti-Poaching Certificate, Weapon Competency Certificate for Business Use and Self-purpose, SOB Certificate and Registration for Grade E, Advanced Snake Handling Course, First Aid Level 3 & Basic Fire Fighting)


Once you have obtained the basic qualification to conduct an Anti-Poaching Patrol you will have the opportunity to work and gain other certificates such as: Completion of 1 Year Contract, Working with Dangerous Game, Catching and Convicting a Poacher, Specialized Rhino Protection, Section Leader Certificate, Instructors Certificate & Working with Reaction.


You shall also obtain other experience for your CV after one year such as perhaps conducting autopsies on poached animals, assisting with information operations or working with police at road blocks or busts etc.




As you should know if you have done research, the FGASA Course costs an absolute fortune and can set you back over R 40 000 nowadays and this does not guarantee work after completion. Well if you decide on staying for a year and obtaining the above then you should consider enrolling into the self study FGASA course after you have completed the 5 Week anti-poaching course. We are less than one km away from 2 writing venues for FGASA Self-Study and there are 3 dates a year to write your final exam. You can enroll and receive your Books for just around R1000.00 per/person and what a better place to be studying while you working in the bush for 16 days at a time, its the perfect playground to obtain hands on experience that is so vitally important. Once you have passed your FGASA exam you will then have to go for an assessment which will also take place in Hoedspruit, your assessment will cost R1500.00 and then you will receive your FGASA Level 1.


Protrack is a fantastic starting point for young motivated individuals that are willing to grow and make a difference as well as a perfect starting point to obtain further contact in the industry.


Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit Employment Data Base


So sounds great doesn't it, well how about this.


Over the past few years, as the Rhino poaching has been hiking out of control, many reserves, rhino owners and other anti-poaching units have identified the high standards of our employees and as a result our guys are being head hunted by these organizations. We see this as a good thing, provided it is controlled. So in order to accommodate this, Protrack has started the first ever anti-poaching data base for our guys to list their CV's once they have completed their one year contract and for these organizations to gain access and recruit reliable and trustworthy anti-poaching rangers.


  • Ensure candidates complete 1 year contract and obtain further qualifications.


  • Ensure candidates have a good work ethic.


  • Ensure growth for candidates and further employment in sector.


  • Ensure reserves that need properly trained and experienced guys have access to this data base and therefore will be able to strengthen their security, management and wildlife life expectancy.


  • To stop reserves and other public companies pinching / stealing our staff before they have completed 1 year contract with us.


  • How do you qualify to obtain a position on this unique data base? Easy, good work ethic and completion of 1 year contract.







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