Protrack Anti Poaching Unit: 8 week volunteer Program


Why are you classified as a volunteer?

Due to the security regulations of SA, if a person does not obtain a valid SA ID even if he is from a neighboring country such as Namibia or any other African country as well as Europe and the rest of the world, he may not work in the field and earn a salary or operate a weapon while on duty. This is simply the law and due to Protrack being a Private company we have to answer to the law.


Example: Johny Williams from the UK was on patrol and decided to carry the scouts weapon he was with and just, by chance, they stumbled into some people trespassing on a big five reserve. Johny thought these people may be suspect rhino poachers and fired a shot into the direction he heard the noise. After the shot went off they heard a terrified scream and cracking of branches through the bush. They started chasing into the direction and stumbled into an injured woman gathering wood.


The scout reported the incident immediately and Johny headed for the hills. Johny caught the first flight out of the country and never faced his charges or the family that lost their mother. Protrack was shut down immediately and lost 20 years of experience and over 300 jobs were lost in the process.


This simple factor can destroy the company as you know and obviously this law must be in place as Europeans are able to flee the country with out justifying their actions.


What are the differences between a Volunteer and a Permanent recruit?


First of all by law we cannot employ you, pay you a salary or charge for your services while in the field and on duty, as that would be ethically wrong for our clients.


However you will be treated no differently to any other employee and can be dismissed at anytime if contract and rules and regulations are broken. After training is completed you will join and assist our 2 man teams as a a third pair of eyes and ears in the field. You will conduct patrols and work and live in the bush for 16 days at a time.

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