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Through the eyes of a vet...

IMG 3981South Africa has been a part of my life for nearly two years now. Even when I'm at home, in Holland, it plays a major role in my daily life. Rhino poaching is just one of the many aspects that have been keeping me busy since my first visit to SA in 2010. During my four month stay at the time I was mainly involved in wildlife veterinary work and HIV/Aids-awareness programs. The latter was again my major field of work when i came back for a second visit in 2011. Being a vet student, though, i have always felt most attracted to the majestic wildlife in this country and therefore this is still on the top of my favorites list when visiting SA. Having worked closely with all the different species during my very first visit has given me the privilege to get hands-on experience with for example the micro-chipping and ear-notching of rhino's. I will never forget my first encounter with these absolutely stunning, pre-historic creatures. They are without a doubt (one of) the most beautiful, powerful and peaceful creatures wandering this planet. It is an absolute disgrace that is has to be precisely this species that needs to fear for it's future existence. I wish, like many others, that I had the key solution to stop the murdering of such an innocent living creature. However, last week i was unfortunate enough to experience the result of this ongoing war against rhino poachers. It was my second day being back in Hoedspruit when a call came through that there was a rhino carcass found on a nearby farm. I was asked to join the Pro Track team which was going to do the autopsy on the animal in search for any evidence. After all this time of being on the front row, it was now time to see it in reality with my own eyes. I had no idea how I would react to the sight of something that has, until now, kept me busy only through images and stories. In the past years this matter has made me extremely angry, mad and frustrated. Nevertheless, when we got the carcass last week I found a way to put all those previous emotions aside and focus on the job that I've been taught to do and that we came there for. Don't get me wrong, I realized very well what I was looking at and that this rhino added up to the increasing number of rhino's already killed so far this year, but as a vet-student i have experienced so many dead animals that I have developed a way to shut any bad feelings out and do my job as professional as possible in the best interest of that animal. It is the least I can do for this rhino's fellow family members that haven't fallen into the hands of the relentless poachers yet. The most important things you can do at the scene is to find any evidence that could trail us back to the monsters that did this to the rhino. With help from the SA police, Pro Track and many more dedicated people we eventually found the bullet in the animals stomach. I could make out of the state of the organs that the bullet had hit one of the lungs, had gone through and ended up in between the stomach contents. It was the internal bleeding from the damaged lung that had eventually killed the animal. It hadn't been able to breathe due to the large amount of accumulated blood in the lungs and the trachea and so the animal sadly drowned as a result of this. Incredibly unnecessary and barbaric, but to me nevertheless a very educational opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience. I wish it could have been just this animal, without all the other previous numbers killed and the many more that will most likely follow. We must never give up the fight and focus on education and awareness of the people in and around SA. Education is the most powerful weapon to win this war. Let's hope for the best and never loose faith.IMG 4078

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