Anti-Poaching Courses



Who May Take Part?

  • Protrack has finally after 20 years of operations opened up their training facilities to the general public, this meaning that any Reserve or Private land owners may send guards for training. We also offer custom packages for certain reserves depending on their needs. Such as re-training programs and manager programs.


What Accredited subjects are available and what is the minimum requirement to be able to conduct any form of security?

In order for any person in the country to be able to perform any role in the security industry, you will have to have a Valid PSIRA Certificate and a Valid Weapon Competency certificate for business use and self-purpose.


  • Weapon Competency Accreditation for Business use and self purpose.
  • PSIRA Accreditation minimum grade E
  • Advanced Accreditation for Snake Handling.
  • First Aid Level 1-3 Accreditation.
  • Basic Fire Fighting Course Accreditation.


Why is their no-accreditation for Anti-Poaching?

We are currently working very hard at getting the first formal accreditation for anti-poaching training in Africa and the world for the private sector. Due to the vast amount of subjects that need to be completed and the time it will take, the budget to train students to these standards once accreditation is in place, seems to be very challenging.


What subjects are completed during our 5 Week Anti-Poaching Course?

  • Weapon Competency Accreditation Certificate for Business and Self-use
  • PSIRA Registration and Grade E
  • First Aid Level 3 Accreditation (VALID FOR 3 YEARS)
  • Basic Fire Fighting Accreditation.(VALID FOR 1 YEAR)
  • Advanced Snake Handling Course Accreditation.


  • Tracking Humans
  • Tracking Formation and Air to Ground Operations
  • Poaching Methods
  • Ambushing
  • Sweeping Formations
  • Dangerous Game
  • 7 Rules when working in the field
  • Vehicle Extraction Drills
  • Road Blocks
  • 8 step Security Plan
  • Rhino Project
  • Rhino Crime scene and crime scenes
  • Advanced Weapon Drills and fire and movement
  • Basic Survival Methods
  • Patrol Formations
  • Extended Clandestine Patrols
  • Camouflage and concealment
  • Identification of Poisoning of Game
  • Night Operations
  • Basic Map Reading and Identification
  • GPS and Radio Communications
  • Observation Posts


Why is Fitness and Discipline so Important.



 You will be trained to convict, confront and track armed poachers as well as sleep with big five. Therefore discipline and self-discipine are of emence importance while working in the field, during our 20 plus years of experience we have had more injuries and deaths due to complacency than any other form of danger you may face while working in the field.




Fitness is very important for the simple factor that you have to be fitter and stronger than the poacher you are after. 


  • The average Human walks at 4km per/hr
  • A Reasonable Tracker can Track at 6km per/hr

If the Spoor is 2 hours Old


  • Poacher is 8km ahead of Tracker
  • In 1 Hr tracking you will be 6km behind the poacher

Poacher has covered 12 km in 3 hr


  • In 2 Hr of tracking you should be 4 km behind the poacher (Total Distance 12km)

Poacher has covered 16 km in 4 hr


  • In 3 hr of tracking you should be 2 km behind the poacher (Total Distance 18 km)

poacher has covered 20 km in 5 hours


Now this should indicate to you how fit and good you should be if a poacher is simply walking through the bush and unaware that you are chasing him down. A Poacher can easily cover 10 km an hour if he is aware that he might be caught, this almost tripling the speed you need to be tracking at in order to catch him.


How is fitness and discipline Installed?


No matter whether you are a permanent recruit, a volunteer or a private client.


Protrack's training and company tradition throughout the years have installed a rank system and a firm hand on rules and regulations. Therefore Drill will occur during every morning of your training and throughout the course on various exercises conducted. You will also have Obstacle courses during most of these mornings, PT settions, Road runs, bush runs and Vasbyt.


This 5 week anti-poaching course is not for the faint hearted but if you have passion and determination for Africa's wildlife and are willing to gain further in depth knowledge about anti-poaching then Protrack is the right place for you. 

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